Dense Graded Asphalt

Maximum nominal aggregate sizes ranged from 40mm to 3.35mm. Mixed with in-situ filler, hydrated lime or other external filler. Recycling may incorporate up to 50% or higher proportion of RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement). Binder additives such as lake asphalt, polymers, or pre-blended PMB (Polymer Modified Binder) are used for improved performance. Compacted hot for dense, regular and good rideability surface.

Open Graded Asphalt

A porous mix also known as Friction Course, provides high voids content in excess of 20% for quick surface water drainage to reduce water spray during raining for improved visibility on highways, and high surface texture for skid resistance and noise reduction. Incorporation of PMB for improving durability of finished surface.

Stone Mastic Asphalt

Provides durable surface to rut resistance. Superior durability. Textured surface helps reduce noise and improve skid resistance.

Mastic Asphalt

Also known as Gussasphalt, with incorporation of TLA (Trinidad Lake Asphalt) or PMB to provide thin, durable and very flexible surfacing for steel deck of suspension or cable-stayed bridges. Applied as wearing course or binder/base course.

Epoxy Asphalt

Batched and placed under extremely tight temperature ranges. Provides thin, durable and fatigue-resistant surfacing for steel deck of suspension or cable-stayed bridges.

Cutback Asphalt

Easy to work and compact. Provides extended working time. Often chosen as the base material for very large tanks.

Specialty products

AAL has developed new surfacing materials and provided durable and cost-effective surfacing solutions to various projects with special needs, such as for container terminals, cross-harbour tunnel, temporary steel deck fly-over, and steel bridge. Products ranged from incorporation of various bituminous modifiers into bituminous mixes, development of tailor-made PMB, bituminous waterproofing materials, new durable mastic asphalt / gussasphalt, and large stone mixes. Contact us for enquiry.