Anderson Asphalt Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited) was formed in 1977 and is one of the market leaders in the supplying and laying of bituminous products for the construction industry in Hong Kong, and is a licensed supplier of Bituminous Pavement Materials and Construction of Special Bituminous Surfacing.

Additionally Anderson Asphalt Limited is, or has been, involved in major international infrastructure projects around the world.

Continuous attention to development in both mixing and laying techniques has placed Anderson Asphalt in the forefront of the industry in providing effective paving and surfacing materials; including recycled materials. It provides pavement materials for high and low speed roads, steel deck suspension bridges, concrete bridges and viaducts, airport runways (in operation mode) and heavy duty container ports.

Anderson Asphalt has ISO 9001 certified quality management system, ISO 14001 certified environmental management system and laboratories accredited to HOKLAS standards.

Anderson Asphalt believes that the most important innovations in the future for pavement products will be based on developments which enhance pavement performance. Anderson Asphalt's technical developments include:

  1. Research on stone mastic asphalt (to make mixes more resistant to rutting deformation).
  2. Use of Trinidad Lake Asphalt (to improve the durability of asphalt).
  3. Development of light-weight long-lasting mastic surfacing for suspension bridges and the use of polymer modified asphalt (to enhance asphalt properties in both noise reduction and heavy duty asphalt mixes).
  4. The use of asphalt recycling technology (a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution).

Anderson Asphalt is an experienced, competent company built on good foundations - it will be paving your way into the next century.